Parents Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Alpha Sigma Tau Haze?

A: Absolutely not! We have a no hazing policy! If at any time a member feels uncomfortable for any reason, they are welcomed to talk to our executive board members. We also have a panel board called Tau Honor Council which we use for conflict management or as an intervention type program to ensure our sisters are receiving the sisterhood experience. 

  • What if my daughter does not have enough money to pay dues?

A: We have payment plans. You don't not have to pay dues all at once unless you want to. We work with every member regarding payments.

  • What will my daughter gain from being in the sorority?

A: We have a set of values that each member agrees to live by. One thing that most of the girls seemed to gain from this was connections with people, jobs, scholarships, internships, and of course, lifelong sisters! We meet new sisters every day, we find out that professors were former ASTs, connections are everywhere! Even if someone you meet later down the road wasn't an AST, they most likely were in a Fraternity or Sorority which will help form a connection. They are also familiar with all the skills that you have gained from this experience since they have gone through something similar as well!

  • Who can join?

A: Any undergraduate woman can! We look for women who exemplify and display our values as well as our open motto of Active, Self Reliant, and Trustworthy! Also, we have a minimum GPA requirement of at least a 2.5 cumulative on a 4.0 scale.

  • How much of a time commitment is it? I want to make sure my daughter stays committed to her academics.

A: We do have certain times of the year that are heavy on AST, however we try to make sure we work with everyone's schedules. When planning events for workshops, sisterhood events, or other sorority events we vote on the date two weeks prior to make sure everyone can time manage around it. Time management is an excellent skill your daughter will learn through joining a sorority. Don't worry about the time, having a busy schedule can actually help academically by keeping the student focused on their day to day time commitments. We also have academic workshops and programs within the sorority to make sure our members are staying on track! Most of our women have similar majors if not the same! This helps as a mentoring program that can tutor them or guide them on which instructors to take!